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IMS New Zealand offer a range of cargo baskets for many aircraft types, produced by Canadian firm, Aero Design, a world leading cargo extension solution manufacturer.

IMS represent the Aero Design range and support their equipment locally in the New Zealand market.

Aero Design has become known for quality, innovation and the creation of products that make sense to the customer, flight crew, ground crew, management and most importantly, the bottom line.

As with each of the products Aero Design certify and manufacture, they strive for the lowest net weights coupled with the highest volumes and gross weights combined. Each product is created from an industry need by staff and owners with an inside knowledge of what those requirements are and the training and knowledge to produce.

About Aero Design

Innovations from the only available replacement for the Bell 206/407 Cyclic Friction to cargo basket features such as the front end cut-out for longer items, lid mounted walkway for maintenance activities and a ground handling wheel for easy one person removal and installation of even the largest available cargo basket. These are just a few of the features that place Aero Design at the forefront of the technology, not to mention the premier quick release system available.

Knowing how important time and versatility are, Aero Design has ensured that the hard mounts for each model of aircraft will accept every model of basket from the same line allowing multi aircraft operators to interchange different sizes of basket between all of the aircraft of that model with the hard mounts installed.

Step Conversion Kits

Have a longer step from another manufacturer? No problem! Aero Design have a low cost conversion kit that will allow you to shorten the step to work with the basket install because even though Aero Design want to see every aircraft with their steps and accessories installed, the bottom line comes first.

Contact Us For More Information

To enquire about Aero Design cargo baskets, including dimensions, weights, STCs and applicability, contact Jordan Salmons on jordan@imsheli.com or 021 583 033 in New Zealand or internationally on +64 21 583 033

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