IMS is a family-owned company based in the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand with solid roots within the engineering and aviation industries.

Combined with a drive to invest and create a productive environment where development can be carried out in a safe and sustainable manner, the team from IMS New Zealand offer a diverse and driven approach to the standard products we produce as well as all the custom requirement that comes our way.


IMS helicopter equipment can be transported wherever it needs to go.

The IMS Drive: Why We Do What We Do

The drive or ‘why’ for the IMS team is to develop only the highest quality equipment for helicopters in a commercial role from fire fighting to media spreading to lifting solutions and specific mission equipment.

World Leaders In Helicopter Equipment

We utilise the latest techniques and engineering, methods and technology to produce equipment to a very high standard. We work alongside operators and friends in the industry to stay ahead of the market demands citing efficiency and reliability as our core drivers.

The Cloudburst Fire Bucket putting out fires.

Accuracy, Consistency & Quality Control

We understand the need for fast production and turnaround times, and we balance these deliverables with accuracy and consistency with quality control procedures in place throughout every stage of our sales, production and after sales support processes.

It’s Always About What The Client Needs & When

We pride ourselves in the support we offer to our clients ensuring they receive what’s required within the time-frame that works for their operation. With a 24/7 contact platform, world-wide representation and a well-crafted support network, we cover the globe thoroughly and now are experiencing extensive growth in many territories throughout the world.

The Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket in action in the deep south of New Zealand.