At IMS we’ve developed a superior quality long line solution for aerial fire fighting operations tailored specifically to the Cloudburst Fire Bucket.

Cloudburst Long Lines are pre-stretched and heat-set to remove maximum elasticity from the line to prevent vibration in flight.

Long Line Covers & Zippers

We manufacture tailored covers for our long lines from a durable, high-visibility material, which fits snug around the line and services. The lines are then finished with a zipper for easy access for line inspection.

Secure & Free Long Lines

Inside the cover, we set the service lines inside a separate cavity so they cannot contact the line itself. However, they do remain secure and free from movement and damage to ensure operational integrity remains.

Manufactured to Suit

The Cloudburst Long Line is manufactured to suit each project and comes in a range of safe working load capacities to suit the bucket it’s intended to be used on. They are also available in any length to suit your operation.

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