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IMS manufacture the Ground-Effect range of under slung spreader buckets with a unique hopper design to ensure complete evacuation.

Designed for Complete Product Evacuation

We developed the Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket in a range of capacities to suit fertiliser, baiting and seeding bucket applications. Their unique features set them apart from other spreaders available with variable flow control and product placement on the distribution spinner. The unique spinner design also ensures maximum and even product spread using a minimal amount of horse power.

Custom Spreader Buckets

Our spreaders can be custom made to suit the operator’s requirements, with variable options such as:

>  Motor selection
>  Hopper material
>  Frame material
>  Pneumatic or electric valve operation
>  Hopper capacity
>  Spinner sizing
>  Hopper exit orifice diameter

Collapsible Spreading Buckets

A lot of work has gone into the development of our spreader buckets to work in many types of situations and with many applications. We’ve also developed a collapsible spreader bucket that not only saves room when freighting or storing but also has the benefit of considerable weight savings.


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