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Maximise Efficiency with Ground-Effect Spreader Buckets

IMS NZ Ltd manufactures the Ground-Effect range of under slung spreader buckets with a unique hopper design for complete evacuation.

Designed for Complete Product Evacuation
The Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket comes in various capacities to suit fertiliser, baiting, and seeding applications. Its unique features include variable flow control and product placement on the distribution spinner, ensuring maximum and even spread with minimal horsepower.

Custom Spreader Buckets
Our spreaders can be custom-made to fit your needs, with options including motor selection, hopper and frame materials, valve operation type, capacity, spinner sizing, and hopper exit orifice diameter.

Collapsible Spreading Buckets
Our spreader buckets are designed to work in various situations and applications. We’ve also developed a collapsible version that saves space during transportation and storage while offering considerable weight savings.

For more information contact the IMS New Zealand today or view more product information here.