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  • IMS Spotlight: Heli A1 Limited
  • IMS Spotlight: Heli A1 Limited
  • IMS Spotlight: Heli A1 Limited
  • IMS Spotlight: Heli A1 Limited
  • IMS Spotlight: Heli A1 Limited
  • IMS Spotlight: Heli A1 Limited

Davin and Susanne Mudford are the owner-operators of Heli A1 Limited, an agricultural and commercial helicopter operation based in Otorohanga in the Waikato King Country.

IMS deliver Helicopter Equipment for Heli A1

IMS have supplied a truckload (literally) of helicopter equipment to Heli A1 over several years. We’ve produced and provided top-dressing buckets, concrete buckets, a Cloudburst fire bucket, a transportable fuel bladder, long-lines, remote hooks, cargo nets and helicopter oils.

Recently IMS general manager, Jordan Salmons, dropped in on Heli A1 and met with Alex Mudford. Here’s what he had to say.

So Alex, why did you choose IMS Topdressing Buckets?

“The topdressing buckets IMS produce can evacuate and spread fertiliser with an even swath width much quicker and more accurately than any other topdressing bucket I’ve used in the past.

Using these buckets means we can be super competitive when pricing jobs against our competitors with the piece-of-mind we’re providing industry leading accuracy of product placement every time.”

What can you say about the Concrete Buckets IMS have supplied to Heli A1?

“IMS concrete buckets really are the most user-friendly concrete buckets our pilots have ever used. They have the added benefit of being lightweight so we can maximise our payload saving the client time and money.

Using these buckets give us a competitive advantage and our clients also find them easy-to-use in the highly technical locations we carry out our concreting operations.”

What are IMS like to deal with?

“The IMS team are top-notch. We can have fun with them but they’re also so incredibly knowledgeable. They’re always just a phone call away to solve an issues we might have.

Jordan, Richard and the rest of the IMS team consistently go out of their way to provide us with fantastic solutions when we’re tendering for new jobs that require specialist equipment to be designed and built.”

Can you provide an example of how IMS ‘went out of their way’?

“Back in 2016 a large client of ours required us to do some heli-concreting for them with only four days notice. Unfortunately the buckets we’d been using were not of good enough quality for this specific contract and delaying the contract was not an option.

So I gave Jordan a buzz and even though IMS didn’t have any concrete buckets in stock he said he could have two buckets built over the weekend and delivered to us before the start of the contract. Then he delivered them to us a day early!”