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IMS Spotlight: Helicrops LLC (USA)

Helicrops LLC is a precision aerial application operator based in Flora, Illinois, USA. Helicrops use an IMS Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket for top-dressing wheat and corn with fertiliser, and applying cropping seed.

NZ-Made World Leading Helicopter Equipment

Having previously used two other brands of spreading bucket, Chad Eagan from Helicrops had found it difficult to get timely responses when trouble-shooting, and sourcing replacement parts had also been a problem. Then in December 2017 Chad met up with the IMS team at the NAAA trade show in Savannah, Georgia, where he was introduced to the IMS Ground-Effect range of helicopter equipment.

A Commitment to Continual Improvement a Priority

After the show, Chad and the IMS team stayed in regular contact, then met up again at the HAI Expo in Las Vegas in March 2018. Says Chad:

“Having previously used other spreading buckets it was easy from the outset to see the IMS difference both in the quality of their products and their customer service, which seriously is second to none. I could also immediately see that IMS had a genuine desire to continually improve their products and that a commitment to this was at the forefront of their priorities.”

Loading the Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket is simple and in less less then 30 seconds it’s ready for aerial spreading.

Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket Benefits for Helicrops LLC

When asked about how Ground-Effect spreading buckets have enhanced Helicrop’s operation versus the way they previously top-dressed and seeded, Chad has this to say:

“Ground-Effect spreading buckets are built tough and durable so they can handle the kind of stress that comes from running up to 12 hours a day. Efficiency is essential for not only us, but anyone who’s operating helicopters, therefore speed and timing are crucial for top-dressing corn, wheat and any other crop.

Put simply, the buckets IMS produce mean we can top-dress or seed more acres per day with just one helicopter than the local competition can with their two helicopters and an inferior spreading system. Needless to say, this kind of efficiency doesn’t go unnoticed by our customers!

And it’s not just speed and efficiency that make IMS products the obvious choice. The sheer accuracy of IMS buckets’ spreading patterns, with extremely predicable outputs, are the key to success for us. After all, growers really don’t like seeing the fertilizer or seed they’ve paid for ending up in a roadside ditch or in the neighbors field due to inaccurate spreading gear.”

Collaboration Key In Global Helicopter Equipment Industry

Chad also helped facilitate a relationship with IMS and Ag-Nav, another company with similar goals to IMS. The two companies continue to work together on evolving helicopter equipment technology. This relationship has not only been beneficial to their own clients, but it has also been of great value to the global helicopter equipment industry as a whole.

Helicrops LLC is a precision aerial application business operating out of Flora, Illinois, in the USA.

Distance Not A Problem In The Digital Age

When it comes to keeping in touch, placing orders, getting support, or sourcing replacement parts, distance is no barrier when working with IMS with the assistance of modern communication tools such as Skype, Facetime and email. Jordan and Richard from IMS are also in the US several times a year visiting clients and attending shows.

Superior & Unrivalled Engineering Quality

As far as Chad is concerned, the US-made spreading buckets available don’t come even close to the quality of the New Zealand-made spreading buckets, the after-sales backup and ongoing support offered by IMS. As Chad aptly says:

“One spreader was built and the other (by IMS) was engineered.”

IMS Product Sales, Servicing & Support in the USA

Not only is Chad Helicrop’s chief pilot, he’s also the USA sales manager for the Aerial Mission Solutions group, delivering sales and support for the full range of IMS helicopter equipment throughout the USA. Chad, with the assistance of Josh Harris, are readily available to help with sales, service, troubleshooting and replacement parts for IMS products.

For Chad’s contact details at Aerial Mission Solutions please visit out Distributors page.