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IMS Spotlight: Helisika Agricultural Ltd

Based out of Ardmore in south-east Auckland, IMS client Helisika Agricultural Limited is a specialist agricultural and commercial helicopter operator servicing the entire upper north island.

From their headquarters at Ardmore and a second base at Helinorth in Dargaville, Helisika specialise in all aspects of agricultural and commercial helicopter operations including:

On-farm spraying

Fertiliser spreading

High-rate lime application

Slurry and hydro-seeding

Precision lifting and placement


And product application such as metalling walking tracks for local councils

Product Development & Innovation

The IMS team have a long-established relationship with Helisika who have been a valued supporter of our product development and innovation over many years.

We’ve supplied various systems from our standard line of Ground-Effect and Cloudburst ranges, and have also developed and provided bespoke helicopter equipment solutions specifically for their operational requirements.

Consistency, Reliability & Local Support

The IMS range of equipment complements the high standards of the Helisika and Helinorth operations. We bring product consistency and innovation to the table, which adds to the professional and reliable reputation of this company.

We deliver fast-paced local support, which is a necessity for this bustling helicopter operation where timing is crucial to making a job efficient, safe and predictable.

The Helinorth base in Dargaville, Northland.

Committed to ‘Best-in-the-Business’

The ongoing trust, commitment and close relationship with Helisika, and their need for uniformity and consistency across the systems and components required, allows us to support their busy operation with the utmost of our abilities.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure Helisika achieve only optimal results in order to portray a best-in-the-business image to their clients every time.

The Latest Features & Efficiencies

The latest IMS system delivered to Helisika in May 2018 is now being used alongside the latest addition to their fleet, an Airbus AS350B3E helicopter.

The Ground-Effect Spreading bucket selected has a heavy rate spinner configuration, a high performance spinner motor, and the very latest in features and efficiencies to make it an extremely effective combination for the broad variety of needs of Helisika’s clients.