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Inside IMS NZ: Interview with Managing Director Richard Lane

We interviewed Richard Lane, the Managing Director of IMS New Zealand, to learn more about the company’s essence.

  1. How did IMS NZ come to be founded in 2008, and what inspired its entry into the engineering and aviation industries?

In 2000, I was already working in the aviation industry, designing and building helicopter equipment for a friend who owned a helicopter company. In 2004, I started a general engineering company where we designed and produced these products and performed local industrial engineering works. In 2008, we made the decision to separate these activities, leading to the creation of IMS NZ Ltd.

My passion for aviation began in the 1990s. While I initially aimed to obtain my helicopter pilot’s license, I found it challenging to balance this aspiration with buying a house, managing a business, and then raising a young family. Consequently, designing and developing helicopter equipment became my primary involvement in the aviation industry.

  1. Tell us about IMS NZ’s sub-product brands, Ground-Effect and Cloudburst and how they came about. What unique offerings do they bring to the market?

A friend in the industry pointed out a market gap for better agricultural spreading products back in the early 2000s. We focused on designing products that excel in reliability, efficiency, and quality. Once launched, our products gained rapid acceptance among operators, much like Cloudburst.

Feedback from our operators and clients has been crucial in shaping our product development. Both product brands feature unique qualities not typically found in competitors’ products.

Thanks to our dedicated team, we’ve been able to adapt customer feedback to enhance product efficiency and design. We pride ourselves on translating our client’s real-world challenges into effective mechanical working solutions.

  1. What motivates the IMS NZ team to develop high-quality helicopter equipment for various commercial roles, and how has this shaped the company’s identity over time?

Our motivation stems from the positive impact we bring to the industry. We find satisfaction in hearing about the happiness of operators’ clients and knowing our clients are successful in their businesses.

Our staff are invested too; they have a passion for their work and continuously seek opportunities for improvement. Every piece of feedback contributes to shaping our company into what it is today.

  1. How does IMS NZ leverage cutting-edge engineering methods and technology to differentiate themselves in the market as world leaders in helicopter equipment?

We like to stay ahead of the industry as much as possible. Our product development never stands still; it has never been static and never will be.

  1. Could you tell us more about IMS NZ’s approach to handling custom requirements?

We offer customised bespoke solutions to meet individual needs because we recognise that not every helicopter task is the same.

Our approach involves listening more than talking. We understand that each client’s situation is unique, and everyone faces different challenges. We value both positive and negative feedback or questions regarding our products, and we take it on board to figure out how we can find a solution.

  1. How does IMS NZ ensure accuracy, consistency, and quality throughout the sales, production, and after-sales support processes?

It starts with the company culture. Employing personnel that fit the culture and have a willingness to learn and adopt the ethos and quality we seek at IMS.

From design through to final testing and support, we have a well-defined process that works effectively.

Having great communication and a tight-knit team internally contributes significantly to the success of our consistency and quality. We have a cohesive team that shares ideas, we hold multiple meetings/discussions per day, and encourage input from every level within the company.

  1. With a global presence and diverse clients, how does IMS NZ manage to provide support tailored to their needs?

Our aim to understand each client’s unique needs and challenges, allowing us to provide tailored solutions. Our clear communication, fast responses, and proactive problem-solving ensure that our support goes above and beyond. Building strong, lasting partnerships with our clients is our priority.

  1. How does IMS NZ prioritise employee engagement and inclusivity in its operations?

Our approach is centred on our culture. We strive to provide a challenging, diverse, and interesting workplace with opportunities that make people feel valued for what they do.

We believe that creating sustainability in the workplace is essential for building a successful company and brand.

  1. Looking ahead, what exciting developments and innovations can we expect from IMS NZ? How does the company plan to continue making a positive impact in the industry?

We aim to be the best and offer high quality products for our industry.

One exciting development is our new product, TUU, developed in partnership with Kahu New Zealand. This ‘2 in 1’ fire bucket system features rapid filling capacity, quick conversion between tank and bucket configurations, and high-speed capabilities. For more information, check out our social media videos and posts.

Moving forward, we will continue to make continuous improvements to our existing products as we strive to establish ourselves as world leaders in our field.

  1. If someone wants to learn more about IMS NZ and its products, what steps should they take to access more information or get in touch with the company?

To learn more about IMS NZ and its products, you can visit our website at or follow us on our social media platforms for regular updates. If you have specific inquiries about our products or how we can assist you, feel free to contact me directly at or +64 21 470 062. We are always here to help!