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Northern California Visit: Cloudburst Fire Buckets

In June, Jordan Salmons from IMS and Chad Eagan from Helicrops LLC in Illinois, USA, traveled to Northern California to meet with helicopter operators currently on standby in the middle of their fire season.

With IMS selling more and more Cloudburst Fire Buckets into operation in the USA, Jordan and Richard are visiting the US more regularly.

Northern California Fire Season

In June, Jordan traveled to Northern California with one of our USA partners Chad Eagan. The purpose of this visit was to ensure current operators of Cloudburst Fire Buckets, and those considering moving to the range, had all of the information they required and were comfortable and confident with the product.

Transfer of Knowledge

Spending time with USA operators and their teams as support and product back-up during their fire season proved a valuable exercise, with much discussion and transfer of useful knowledge to operators.

Future Cloudburst Development

The trip also provided a better understanding and appreciation for the conditions and challenges faced in Northern California, and how IMS can develop Cloudburst Fire Buckets and their accessories to better meet the needs of the industry in future.

A Warm & Welcoming Visit

The hospitality from our American friends and colleagues was, as we’ve come to expect, outstanding. And the knowledge and experience gained by both Jordan and Chad was extremely valuable.

One remote crew returns from area recon to discuss helicopter fire-fighting needs.