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On The Road With IMS

IMS sales manager Jordan Salmons recently attended the HAI Firefighting Safety Conference in Boise, Idaho. In early December he’s heading back to the US to set up a joint stand at the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Reno, Nevada, with Aerial Mission Solutions & Simplex Aerospace.

HAI Firefighting Safety Confernce in Boise, Idaho, USA – Nov 13-14

The HAI conference in Boise, Idaho, was yet another valuable and insightful event for IMS to attend as our products become more entrenched in the North American market.

This year’s event was much larger than previous years, which seems to be indicative of rising global temperatures, the increasing threat of wildfires, and the various methods and equipment the aerial firefighting industry is deploying to combat fires.

HAI was yet another valuable and insightful event as our products become more entrenched in the US.

The two-day format provides IMS with a great opportunity in a supportive forum for networking within the US aerial firefighting industry. It’s good to see the industry growing and evolving through commitment to communication and education.

Following HAI, IMS has made a decision to be a regular attendee at the conference and next year will share a combined stand with close ally and distributor, Aerial Mission Solutions (AMS). We’ll be shipping over a range of Cloudburst products to have on display and ready for demonstration.

NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Reno, Nevada, USA – Dec 3-6

Jordan is heading back to the US in early December to exhibit at the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Reno, Nevada. He’ll be meeting up with both Chad Eagan and the wider AMS team, along with Simplex Aerospace’s Ian Cockburn and the company’s president.

AMS getting IMS equipment ready for the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo 2018 (Dec 3-6).

IMS will be sharing a stand with AMS and Simplex while exhibiting a range of helicopter equipment including a Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket with AG-NAV for low rate variable flow control.

IMS, AMS and Simplex can be found at stands 1224, 1226, 1228, 1230, 1232, 1234, 1236, 1238. See you there!

For more details about the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo, Aerial Mission Solutions and Simplex, please visit:

NAAA Ag Aviation Expo –
Aerial Mission Solutions (AMS) –
Simplex Aerospace –

IMS is proud to be attending the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo with AMS and Simplex Aerospace.

On The Road Cross Country From West to East – Dec 7-11

Following the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Jordan and Chad from AMS will be driving across country, 7-11 December, from west to east starting from Reno, Nevada and finishing in Flora, Illinois. The map below shows the general path they’ll take, stopping off at a number of main centres including:

Los Angeles
San Diego
Oklahoma City
St, Louis

They’ll have all the helicopter equipment from the Reno expo on-board including an Electronic Fuel-Injected AG-NAV Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket and a Cloudburst Fire Bucket with Monsoon Valve.

If you’re located in the above cities or along/nearby the following route please be in touch with Jordan to arrange a meeting and FREE DEMO of Ground-Effect or Cloudburst helicopter equipment.

Jordan’s email –

Jordan’s phone – +64 21 583 033

Jordan and Chad’s west to east route 7-11 December demonstrating IMS helicopter equipment.