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Otway Helicopters: IMS Long-Term Friends & Loyal Customers

Otway Helicopters Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated aerial agriculture spraying, spreading and seeding business based out of Irrewarra, Victoria, Australia.

Long-Term Friends & Loyal IMS Customers Since 2010

Owners Rob and Sandy Martin have been long-term friends and loyal customers of IMS for almost a decade after buying their first Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket back in March 2010. Their extremely busy and professional operation relies on top-notch equipment and 24-7 service and support provided by IMS.

The trusty Robinson R44 helicopter is a great match for Ground-Effect Spreading Buckets by IMS.

Spraying, Spreading & Seeding Australian Farms

Otway Helicopters spray, spread and seed farms right across southeast Australia operating a Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket with their Robinson R44 helicopter to great effect.

Client Benefits: Application Accuracy & Waste Minimisation of Media

Otway spread a wide array of dry agricultural media including cropping seed and all types of fertiliser. The Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket provides them with the ability to apply product at a variety of rates in order to obtain the highest efficiencies. This in turn gives their clients acute accuracy and fantastic value for money due to the super low levels of waste.

Underslung Ground-Effect Spreading Buckets by IMS can spread all types of seed and fertiliser.

The IMS Difference: Providing Peace-of-Mind

Rob and Sandy value peace-of-mind knowing the IMS team are available 24-7. In other words, when they’re working on their clients’ farms, and downtime is not an option, IMS are only ever a phone-call away with support, service and replacement parts.


“Our dedicated team are available 24/7 with phone support and can dispatch parts same day. This provides our clients with the confidence and support they need to minimise downtime and keep their operations running consistently.”

Richard Lane, IMS Managing Director


Ground-Effect Spreading Buckets: Watch Video & Download Free Brochure
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Successful farming relies on optimal soil condition, which is aided by accurate and efficient aerial seeding and fertlising.