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Our Dedicated Team at IMS NZ Ltd

The People behind our Innovation and Quality

Richard Lane – Managing Director
Richard Lane, our Managing Director, leads customer satisfaction, sales, and aftersales service. He is deeply involved in product design and development, ensuring continuous innovation. Representing IMS NZ Ltd globally at tradeshows and client visits, Richard stays attuned to the helicopter industry’s evolving needs. With over two decades of engineering experience, he co-founded IMS NZ Ltd with his wife Keryn in 2004 and remains dedicated to delivering high-quality products.

Our product development never stands still; it has never been static and never will be. – Richard Lane

David Simmons – Design/Operations Manager
David Simmons, our Design/Operations Manager, has over 30 years of engineering design and practical experience. Outside of work, he’s a passionate Jet Sprint Racer, excelling in both driving and team mechanics. At IMS NZ Ltd, David’s senior leadership in operations and product design is invaluable.

Tony Beams – Service/QA Manager
Tony Beams is our dedicated Service/QA Manager with 20 years of engineering experience. He oversees quality assurance and service, ensuring every product meets the highest standards before leaving our workshop.

Milos Vukovic – Canvas Fabrication Specialist/Manager
Milos Vukovic, our Canvas Fabrication Specialist and Manager, has over 23 years of industry experience. Leading the Canvas division in Hawke’s Bay, Milos and his team craft top-quality canvas, awnings, shade sails, screens, and PVC products, consistently upholding our commitment to excellence.

Having great communication and a tight-knit team internally contributes significantly to the success of our consistency and quality. We have a cohesive team that shares ideas, we hold multiple meetings/discussions per day, and encourage input from every level within the company. – Richard Lane

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