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Cloudburst Fire Buckets by IMS New Zealand are the preferred method of Aerial Fire Fighting for both Military and Civilian Operations worldwide.

Helicopters fitted with Cloudburst Fire Buckets to deliver water and foam additive have become synonymous with the control of wildfires globally. The pilots and crew who perform these roles are highly trained and reliant on the highest quality equipment. There is a great level of skill and currency associated with flying underslung loads and particularly in a fire fighting capacity.

The Cloudburst Fire Bucket has been manufactured since 2005 and product development has been ongoing to ensure these remain the world’s premier helicopter fire fighting device, featuring tough and durable urethane construction and a “failsafe to open” monsoon valve, capable of multi drop applications, while incorporating options for shallow-fill pumps and foam bladders.

Here are the key features of IMS Cloudburst Fire Buckets:

>  Compact design when stowed and handled
>  Multi-drop capable with the Monsoon Valve fitted
>  Optional enclosed foam injection system
>  Fast valve actuation speed
>  Variation in spread pattern with the Monsoon Valve fitted
>  Monsoon Valve uses electric over compressed air for operation
>  All systems require electric power supply to operate
>  Very tough and durable construction
>  The pilot can vary the volume of each load with the multi drop Monsoon Valve
>  Optional Shallow Fill pumping systems

The Cloudburst Fire Bucket is manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials designed to withstand high levels of abrasion. This means each bucket can be filled from the various water sources used to fight fires. It can be dip-filled from fresh water, salt water, and chlorinated swimming pools.

Cloudburst Fire Buckets can be filled from any water source.

Tough & Durable Fire Buckets

The Cloudburst Fire Bucket is made of tough and durable urethane coated PVC, an industry recognised super material that’s tough and flexible. It’s strong, load bearing, and impact resistant, while also able to withstand high operating temperatures. The same material we use to manufacture the Cloudburst Fire Bucket is used by the US Navy and Coastguard because it is non-marking, has good UV stabilisation and strongly resists the growth of algae and fungus.

Self-Contained Foam Injection

The Cloudburst Fire Bucket has an optional foam injection system activated by a simple push button. A pump delivers a foaming agent for a timed period, with time determined by the pilot or crew. When they’re ready to dispense foam they’ll press the button to commence the time operation of the pump. The bucket’s fast valve actuation allows the pilot or crewman to have precise control of the load release.

Water Capacity Control

Control over the water capacity is important when fighting fires from the air. The pilot may need to carry less water due to fuel load or weather conditions.

Multi-Drop Efficient Use of Airtime

The Cloudburst Fire Bucket ‘Monsoon Valve’ gives the aerial fire fighter a more efficient use of their airtime by using ‘multi-drop’. This means the pilot or crew have total and precise control of their payload – whether the fire is isolated or scattered. Cloudburst Fire Buckets are available in a range of capacities to suit various needs.

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